lumenis hair removal

From the legs to the face, unwanted hair can appear anywhere on the body. While traditional methods can help, they aren’t long-lasting and turn into a cyclical means for dealing with hair. This constant cycle of waxing, shaving and plucking develops into a lifetime endeavor and, that is both time-consuming and costly. There is a method, though, to eliminate hair and prevent the bumps, rashes and scratches these traditional methods cause.

By performing laser hair removal, with the use of the Lightsheer laser, Dr. Carin Gribetz can provide her patients the opportunity to finally have smoother, sexier skin that doesn’t require all the upkeep. If you’re interested in learning more about laser hair removal or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gribetz, give us a call at 212-289-3300 or contact us here!laser hair removal

What Is the Lightsheer Laser?

The Lightsheer laser is a leader in laser hair removal because of its history as a safe device with consistent results. The process is quick and produces little pain, and focuses specifically on hair removal. The cutting-edge technology efficiently targets hair follicles. The diode laser permanently destroys hair follicles by using an 805nm or heat the melanin of a patient’s hair follicles to 70ºC.

The device makes use of integrated cooling to ensure comfort during the heating process. The device also has a vacuum-like larger handpiece, which pulls on the skin, allowing for large areas to be treated quickly, efficiently and comfortably. Because the Lightsheer laser heats the melanin in a hair follicles in order to destroy them, the procedure produces long-lasting hair reduction. It causes no damage at all to the surrounding skin, which lessens the recovery time.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

While laser hair removal is one of the most popular methods for reducing hair, some factors need to be considered to determine if you are a good candidate. These include:

  • Having light skin with dark hair
  • Understanding that individual results vary
  • You have unwanted hair on the face, underarms, back, legs, bikini, etc.

In patients that have a contrast between light skin and dark hair, the melanin is more easily targeted by the laser. Lighter hair colors are more challenging to treat because the melanin at the base of the hair follicle isn’t as easily distinguishable. Dr. Gribetz review with you the areas you’re interested in treating and to decide if you are a suitable candidate during an initial consultation.

Understanding the Phases of Hair-Growth

Hair undergoes three different phases. To understand what laser hair removal is treating, it’s useful to understand these three phases.

Anagen Phase: This phase is the longest-lasting one and is a period defined by significant growth. During this phase, the root of the hair follicle is receiving nourishment from blood. The anagen phase lasts for around three to four months on the body.

Catagen Phase: During this much shorter period, the follicle disconnects from its blood supply and remains in place until it is shed. This transitional phase lasts for around two to three weeks.

Telogen Phase: The final phase is sometimes referred to as the resting phase. During this time, the hair finally sheds, and the follicle remains dormant for around three months until the cycle begins again.

Because of the various growth phases that hair experiences, it is essential to understand that not all hair in a given area can be treated at once. This is because hair all over the body is in different stages. Laser hair removal only works on hair follicles that are in the anagen phase, so many treatments are necessary.

How Does Lightsheer Laser Hair Removal Work?

After an initial consultation with Dr. Gribetz, she will be able to customize the treatment to your skin type, hair type and lifestyle. The Lightsheer laser features two different handpieces,
the High-Speed Vacuum Assisted technology and the Chilltip technology. The vacuum technology is best used for patients who desire large areas to be treated. These areas can include the back, chest, legs and arms. This handpiece essentially suctions the skin to elevate and stretch it. By suctioning, the vacuum is able to not only cover large portions,but decrease treatment time and reduce heating sensations. The vacuum brings the skin closer to the laser, which destroys the hair follicles it comes into contact with.

The Chilltip handle is the better option for treating smaller areas. This technology is particularly useful for areas such as the lips, chin and neck. With the Chilltip, the skin is cooled before and during treatment. The cooling technology significantly reduces pain, and also protects the epidermis, Compressing the skin allows for better absorption by the hair follicle. The laser is directed into each area where the handpiece is placed and effectively destroys hair follicles that are in the anagen phase.

What Should I Expect After a Laser Hair Removal?

There may be some redness, swelling, and itching in and around treated areas, but it is temporary and indicates the follicles have responded to the treatment. Some hair follicles shed immediately after treatment. However, many will remain. Usually, within a week or two, more hair follicles will start to fall out, and typically by the third or fifth week, results should be visible. Results are permanent, but multiple treatemts are necessary to ensure that all of the follicles in the anagen stage are treated.

Dr. Gribetz will provide you guidelines to properly take care of your skin after the treatment. It is particularly essential to use sunscreen after treatment during the entire course of treatment.

Are You Ready for Laser Hair Removal?

If there is any hair on your body that has become a source of frustration, laser hair removal may be the treatment you need. It is quick and virtually painless. Laser hair removal is best administered by a skilled clinical dermatologist, and Dr. Gribetz administers all of the treatments herself. With the proper guidance and recommendations, Dr. Carin Gribetz will ensure that your laser hair removal is safe and successful.

If you are interested in permanent hair reduction, and/or suffer from bumps, rashes and scratches caused by shaving or waxing, schedule a consultation with Dr. Carin Gribetz to learn more about laser hair removal, by calling us at 212-289-3300 or contact us here today!